Written on 9 October 2018 by Sara Da Silva

New computational capabilities, data science, smart automation and machine learning are transforming the experiences we design. More and more companies are leveraging these new technologies to innovate and transform customer experience. From IoT and wearable devices to capturing huge amounts of unstructured data, a new generation of intelligent experiences is now possible.

With all this in mind, we shall be holding an exclusive event at our Farringdon office on Thursday 18th of October 2018. Join us as we sit down to learn key insights and discuss how complex data and algorithms are shaping the future of design.

Our host for the evening, Ofer Deshe, has kindly set aside some time to answer a few pre-event questions.

Complex data and algorithms… Why that topic in particular?

New emerging technologies enable us to truly transform the way that people experience digital services. But the ‘experience’ happens in the hearts and minds of the people who consume these services. It is not simply a matter of designing the right user interface elements. Data science and smart technologies provide us with new opportunities to really transform people’s lives, to support better decision making, to make sense of complexity and to drive more effective behaviours. To design smart experiences designers must be more intimately familiar with the opportunities and impact those algorithms, information appliances and science provide. Yes, we have all experienced smart movie recommendations, automated music discovery, and sneaky targeting. But I believe that blending design and smart technologies can really transform people’s lives and humanity. From healthcare and transport to financial services, energy and protecting our environment. In this event we will explore how designers create solutions in complex data rich environments

What experience does Tobias & Tobias have in this subject?

Our approach blends human sciences, data science and technology to engineer human-centric solutions that drive real business value. We have worked closely with data scientists and machine learning engineers in a number of areas including banking, insurance, investment management and retail. Some of our work includes the design of robo-advisors, data visualisations, and a number of successful trading platforms that harness quants and machine learning.

What can attendees hope to gain from this event?

We are lucky to live in London, a vibrant city that has many events every single night, so we didn’t simply want to create another one. We cherry-picked three exceptional speakers able to share with us new thinking paradigms, real world examples, and thought-provoking insights. It will be a great opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and network with thoughtful designers that solve complex design challenges. And if that’s not enough we will also have amazing pizza and a selection of wines and beers. Should we be lucky to have any hipsters in the audience, we also have artisanal beers from Shoreditch.

There is limited space for this event so book your seat today!

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