Social responsibility in mining

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) aims to align corporate policies with sustainable development goals. Their programmes of work and performance assessments have led to improved corporate social responsibility in the mining and metals industry since 2001.

Engaging a diverse group of industry stakeholders

The website plays an important role in helping create a recognised authoritative voice for responsible mining/metals and sustainable development. The impact of ICMM’s work was not adequately communicated to stakeholders such as the media, policy-makers and academics. A new website and intranet were required as part of a three-year strategy focused on increasing the ICMM’s profile, social engagement, collaboration with industry partners, and global reach.

Success was defined in both qualitative and quantitative terms to align design with business objectives. We talked in depth with staff and ICMM stakeholders (including partners such as Anglo American, Glencore, Oxfam America and IFC) to understand their expectations and goals. We developed key performance indicators based on increasing engagement with ICMM content.

Co-design activities and regular stakeholder meetings created opportunities for all interested parties to contribute and provide feedback at regular intervals.


Content-centred approach

Content needed to be concise and informative to develop stakeholders’ understanding of ICMM’s role in the industry, its value for members and its contribution to responsible performance within the mining industry.

The large amount of content meant that it was not practical to design each page individually. We adopted an Atomic Design approach to specifying interface components and templates. This modular approach allowed us to design both the website and intranet for desktop, tablet and mobile within a limited set of templates and within an aggressive timeframe. 

Increased levels of engagement

The collaborative process that we followed meant that all stakeholders were part of the journey and knew that they were getting what they needed from the sites.

The design successfully increased engagement with ICMM’s content as measured by increased user volumes, pages visited, time spent on pages and reduced bounce rates.


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