Removing the pain from insurance claims

As part of our contribution to the community around Clerkenwell and the City, Tobias & Tobias staff are encouraged to act as UX mentors in co-working spaces and accelerators. We got to know the founders of an insurance start-up that were working on an app to enable car owners to recover funds easily when their cars had been written off.


In a quest to partner with UK insurance companies, the challenge for this Insuretech start-up was to create a simple, pain-free claims process within their app.

Gathering insights

We started by listening to the calls of customers who made claims on their written-off cars with an insurance company that was open to partnering on the initiative. By following calls over the period of a single claim (which in one extreme case was 18 separate calls!) we were able to re-create the complete process and validate this with our client. From here we explored the areas of the most pain in the customer experience, including the experience of the insurance company’s in-house servicing team. It was this insight that our client needed most.

We were able to identify the delta between the extreme pain felt in the current process (and in relation to the cost of the policy) and what would be needed to create a pain-free process to give the customer comfort with perhaps a lower than expected claim pay-out.

Re-shaping the claims experience

The insights gathered from the research informed the stimulus for our Experience Mapping Workshop. We brought members of the RightIndem, claims handling and Tobias & Tobias teams together to work through the customer experience of the total loss process, from incident through to settlement.


The Experience Map informed the process of developing high fidelity wireframes for RightIndem’s core customer journey, taking a customer from assessing the damage to their vehicle to receiving payment of their settlement figure.   

After iterating the shape of the core customer journey, we created detailed designs and a build guide to specify a visual style for the RightIndem mobile responsive site. We were also able to demonstrate how the RightIndem interface could be used as a white label product, allowing insurance brands to incorporate their own visual identity into the RightIndem interface.


The features we designed gave power and independence to our clients’ customers that had previously not existed – they had been slaves to archaic processes and systems for a very long time. As we focused on important themes like reducing anger, our client was able to develop the new version of the app knowing that its goal of having a net promoter score of 8 or more was highly achievable.






Research & Insight
Concept design
User testing
Visual specification
Build guide

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