Re-envisioning fund reporting

Our client, a predominantly US-based top 10 asset management firm, had a clear objective to improve their reach in London, Zurich, Australia and the Far East. To support this required delivery of a world class digital offering that met the varying needs of the Intermediary market in these regions.

Understanding the role of the Intermediary

Our starting point was to undertake a programme of research activities to identify the needs of their global Intermediary base.

Using the insights gathered from the research programme, we then created a vision for the role of digital in the context of personal relationship based Intermediaries. The online proposition needed to be both unique and compelling, with real value-add features to attract intermediaries in an environment where services such as Morningstar and other aggregators of fund information were prominent.

We followed a co-creation methodology that involved both our client stakeholders and their Intermediary base throughout the programme, including regular validation activities, both to ensure a user-focused end product and to assist with change management. We also worked closely with their in house technology teams to support them in developing the solution.


Flexible, robust fund reporting

A key element of the new proposition was the way in which fund-level reporting was implemented. Because we had spoken to a range of users and worked hard to understand their specific needs, we were able to design a highly effective fund reporting solution that catered for different levels of data and different views for different types of users. This was achieved within a powerful and intuitive navigation and interaction framework.

Due to its robustness and flexible design, our client was able to easily adapt this international solution to cater for both their US Advisory and Intermediary markets. We supported them in this programme, and were also able to quickly cater for country-specific adaptions due to local compliance regulations.


Post-launch, we conducted a number of research and evaluation exercises with both the business and intermediary users, and were able to report significant benefits:

  • Increased self-servicing that enabled our client’s Relationship Managers to spend more time on value-add activities
  • Faster, more efficient delivery of reporting
  • The site provided effective support for our client’s marketing campaigns
  • Localised content was well-received, drawing on the region-based research model.


US-based top 10 asset management firm




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