Monetising the Internet of Things

Domotz makes tools that help installers and retailers support connected home and internet of things (IoT) devices. To expand their business into the consumer space they purchased Fing, a free home network troubleshooting app that gets 25,000 downloads per day.

Driving account creation

As a first step toward monetising Fing, Domotz wanted to entice existing users to sign up for free Fing accounts. They asked us to help create strategy and designs that would drive account creation, increase engagement and grow the user base without alienating the existing 6 million Fing users.

Rapid prototyping

Working closely with the Domotz team in their offices, we conducted stakeholder workshops, user interviews, and competitive research to identify requirements and opportunities. These informed a strategy and roadmap for upgrading the app into the basis for a paid service while retaining its utility as a free tool.

Using rapid iterations we created and user tested high-fidelity prototypes to arrive at a design that improved the usability of the current app, harmonised the Android and iOS versions, and provided a low-friction sign-up process that clearly communicated the value of a Fing account without interfering with the utility of the app.


Following our work Fing has seen significant increases in downloads and registration. They have also launched Fingbox, “The world’s #1 network scanner in a box”, which integrates with the re-designed Fing app. When launched on the Indiegogo kickstarter platform it received backing from over 7,500 people , raising a total of over $550,000 USD in funds, well above the investment target that was set.

12 million people have now downloaded Fing.






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