Auditing Online Retail Performance

Amara is a luxury homeware retailer that prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, but wanted to improve the performance of its online business. Our team conducted a user experience audit of Amara’s shopping service, highlighting key journey improvements to lift the customer experience and drive conversion.

The User Experience Audit

The Tobias & Tobias approach is to focus on what customers want or need to achieve and the key workflows that help them do so. While we do address standard usability criteria (like everyone else), a deep-dive into the performance of highest priority tasks is at the heart of our audit. For Amara this included an expert cognitive walkthrough – from a customer perspective – of workflows such as:

Amara: Case Study

By putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer and analysing each step of the journey, we were able to understand frustrations and weak points in the process, assessing these across web, mobile and offline channels. These were quickly translated into a set of recommendations, especially quick wins, aimed at an easier and more successful shopping experience.

“Amara’s aim is to provide a best-in-class customer experience from start to finish, with every level striking the best possible experience we can”

– Andrew Hood, CEO

UX Maturity

A second element of our work with Amara was an assessment of the business’s overall UX maturity and introducing ways in which the operation could adapt to embrace customer centric thinking and practices into its operation.

Amara: Case Study

As part of the journey from from satisfactory UX to “best-in-class”, we offered various solutions such as the introduction of Tree Testing, User Testing, numerous design techniques and tools, and encouraged the development of an internal UX knowledge base within Amara through a training programme provided by our team.

Continued Support

From the humble beginnings of a user experience audit, our partnership with Amara has thrived. We continue to at as a design consultancy partner to the business, working closely with the Amara team to ensure that their customer experience vision is realised.

“T&T has helped us grow as a company and develop a more customer focused experience across our business. We look forward to continued collaboration with T&T on future projects. “

 Harriet Gribble, 
Head of Digital Product







User Experience Audit

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