Tobias & Tobias gets its kit off for charity!

Written on 3 June 2016 by Stilyana Hristeva

Last month we ran a small charity project in our office. We decided to have a clear out of all old, unused and unloved computers and tech equipment but instead of chucking it all in a skip we thought we’d sell it and donate all proceedings to charity.

It was a bit of a lengthy process to sort and organise but we got there in the end, and put it on eBay. The outcome was a tidy profit of £550!

Here are a few stories of where the money went and the good causes we chose to support:

In March this year, the Sunflower River, which is a Mississippi tributary, flooded Quapaw Head Quarters, which is an HQ of a tribe of Native Americans that coalesced in the Midwest and Ohio Valley.

The flood saw water rose 25ft in 24 hours and this left Quapaw devastated and underwater. Our very own Andy McLean met the Quapaw team on a memorable trip down the Mississippi River last year. He asked T&T if our charitable efforts could be directed in some way to help rebuild Quapaw and we were very happy to contribute.

A good portion of the cash raised went to support Quapaw 24 Big Paddle. The Quapaw 24 Big Paddle was a charity event setup by Andy to raise money to provide flood relief aid.

Andy said of organising the Big Paddle: “It seemed like the perfect way to pay homage to and support our river family across the Atlantic. It replicated the journey we took with them last year and enabled us to share our own rivers with others. The idea to make the paddle 24 hours mirrored the rapid pace in which the Sunflower’s waters rose during the flood.”

To make this dream real, a group of over 30 paddlers took to the River Wey in Surrey, in a variety of floatations on 23rd April. Over the weekend the fleet covered 40 miles in various conditions, dodging trees, sailing weirs and navigating locks!

We also chose to donate money to other excellent charities including:

• The Brooke – an international animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys, mules and people who depends on them.

• Macmillian – Cancer care charity

• Plan – a charity working to improve the lives of the world’s poorest children

• Alzheimer’s Society – a Dementia charity.

We also had requests for our old kit from wide and far and so one of our laptops has traveled all the way to southern Africa and was donated to Bob.

Bob is a smart, educated young gentleman from Malawi who due to unfortunate circumstances has ended up in Cape Town doing manual labour. He is trying to save money to study engineering back in Malawi, while supporting his family. One of our directors based in Cape Town who knows Bob describes him as a lovely, hard-working man with plenty of ambition. The laptop will help him begin part-time remote study towards his degree, while he continues to work towards his goal of returning to Malawi to start the next stage of his life.

One of our valued team member’s Peter Forsey will be donating one of our old laptops to a local primary school in Ireland. Peter volunteers at the school as an IT manager /engineer and also sits on the Board of Management. Since the Irish education body does not provide infrastructure all computers in the classrooms are donated so we were more than happy to contribute and help the children!

Ah yes, a great feeling to help various causes and people…what a good day in the office!

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