UX & UI Innovation Summit 2017

Monday 12 June 2017,  All day
 £400 - £995

The UX & UI Innovation Summit is a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from and connect with senior UX and design leaders. 

The Summit is part of the DigiTech Festival, London Tech Week’s leading experience in data, digital and design. The event will give answers to the following questions: How do you know if your UX is unintuitive? How do you acquire the best design talent when the market is so competitive? What else can you do to maximise cross-platform engagement?

With so much variety in the market and increasingly tough online competition, having the best UX and UI is one of the major distinguishing brand factors for consumers.

The rush to build the best products to secure your market share can create serious issues for executives looking to bring their companies into the multi-platform space successfully.

Our Visual Designer, Kate O’Rourke, looks forward to meeting over 25 Industry Speakers and 100 delegates.



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