Creating data visualisations that don’t suck

Wednesday 6 September 2017,  3.30 - 4.30 pm
 510 - 738

UX Cambridge is a hands-on, practical User Experience and Design conference for the software, web, and mobile community. Returning for its 7th year, UX Cambridge 2017 will allow participants to connect and learn from their peers and leaders in the industry. Our Lead UX Designer – Martin Colebourne – will join the event and give a 60-minute tutorial on “Creating data visualisations that don’t suck”.

About the talk
Companies love a good bit of data visualisation in their products and workflows. But glossy charts and diagrams are only any good if the reader can make sense of them. If not – which is the case most of the time – you’re really just creating noise.
In this talk, Martin Colebourne, will explore this specialised field of design, identifying the key challenges, and using examples to demonstrate how to design meaningful, actionable and relevant data visualisation.
In 2006, Clive Humby dubbed data “the new oil”. Since then, rapid developments in data collection, storage, software and development frameworks – and an explosion in demand for new ways to make sense of, and make use of, vast amounts of data – have raised the stakes. The power of data to change the world is beginning to live up to the hype, but data visualisation is playing catch-up.
Designers need to recognise that what we call data visualisation is not a single field of design but several, comprising visual communication, monitoring and data analysis. Add context – human, environmental, technological, etc. – and it starts to become a brilliantly complex, and brilliantly exciting, design challenge.
This talk will help you to decode data visualisation – art and science – and to design more meaningful visualisations for better decision-making and business impact.

About Martin Colebourne

Martin-tobias-and-tobiasMartin has 16 years’ experience designing complex transactional products, primarily in financial services, where data visualisation has long been a significant differentiator.
Prior to joining Tobias & Tobias, he spent more than a decade working for Thomson Reuters and Deutsche Bank.
Martin speaks and writes about a wide range of subjects, including interaction design, data visualisation, software development, psychology and philosophy.


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