T&T further develops focus on Insurance through partnership with Matthew Grant of Abernite

Posted 21 April 2017

As a further step in developing our focus on user experience in insurance, we have launched a partnership with sector specialist Matthew Grant of Abernite, a London-based insurance technology consultancy.

Over the past 3 years, more than 2,000 companies have emerged on the insurance market, offering solutions and new approaches to insurance.   Now, more than ever, harnessing the best from technology requires innovation and creativity underpinned by detailed research into user needs.

Matthew has over 25 years experience in providing modelling analytics to the insurance market. Our track-record in creating leading user experiences for complex applications in finance, combined with Matthew’s knowledge and expertise, has created an unique relationship that aims at delivering the right technology, at the right time for insurance companies.

To learn more about how T&T can help your business create leading, people-centric technology solutions, drop us a line at hello@tobiasandtobias.com.



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