Flow Day: The Psychology of Innovation

Friday 12 May 2017,  All day

Almost everyday we hear about innovation, new products, new services and new technologies. In short, people who have thought differently and created new big ideas! But where do great ideas actually come from and how?

This is not a new question. Researchers have looked into this for over a 100 years now. But too much of the focus is on people who are creative and their traits, creative environments, processes, and the attributes of outcomes. The industry is littered with gurus who sell processes and various new ways to run projects, collaborate and innovate. Yet most of these approaches fail to deliver real innovation.

Tomorrow our CEO, Ofer Deshe, will speak at the Covent Garden hotel about The Psychology of Innovation: the science of creative problem solving, where great ideas actually come from, and how you can develop the right cognitive skills.

It is a closed event, so if you want to find out more about how to become more innovative, please just say hello at hello@tobiasandtobias.com!



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