A Time of Change: Innovation in Insurance at InsTech London

Written on 24 August 2018 by Sara Da Silva

What’s better than spending an evening on InsTech London’s  HQ balcony surrounded by likeminded individuals, overlooking the beautiful views of London?

I think you’d agree, when thinking about winning in a digital world, insurance firms need to get better at designing great experiences for their customers. We’re experiencing a time of great change – a time of redefining possibilities for insurance firms. This was certainly reinforced by spending an evening with 200+ people who spoke with such enthusiasm about innovation: truly heart-warming.

The event was filled with rich diversity, with individuals from the insurance, brokerage, consulting and insurtech industries. Myself, Ofer and Chris had the pleasure of meeting many passionate and forward-thinking individuals who came from diverse multidisciplinary backgrounds. Whilst this level of trans-disciplinary collaboration is not unusual within other industries, it’s a step forward for insurance and a healthy way to innovate.

From our research and our work with key asset managers and banks, we’ve seen the advantages that trans-disciplinary innovation brings to critical and creative thinking, problem solving, invention, complexity, innovation, future scenario building and new propositions.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Matthew, Robin and Paolo for throwing a tremendous event. We look forward to the next event, save a ticket for us!

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