Innovation in Asset Management

Written on 8 May 2019 by Sara Da Silva

The changing landscape is signalling a need for increased focus on customer experience!

When a gap between customer expectation and experience exists, dissatisfaction, disloyalty and uncertainty are all likely. Technology and standards of service outside of the financial services sector create demand for intuitive self-service, constant access and cross-platform availability.

The Asset Management (AM) industry needs to react strongly and positively to customer demands. Alternatives to the traditional models of asset management are starting to gain traction, and AM firms are losing out to alternatives that provide better customer experiences. 

A handful of AM firms are starting to respond to this customer experience gap, leading the industry in a shift to deliver value both for customers and their own businesses.

Our Digital Change service is designed to evaluate your digital UX maturity, and help you to evolve a digital culture with new customer-centric business practices.

Innovate your business by introducing a new customer-centric ways of thinking and working. Create human-centric products/services that your customers and internal teams will LOVE to use!

With 18 years of experience behind us, we are a world leader in the design of human-centric business applications for finance and asset management. Through our understanding of the changing shape of the intermediary space, we identify opportunities for digital innovation that will satisfy customers’ needs.

The following case study highlights some of the work we have done with one of the top 10 AM firms:

Transforming ideas into winning propositions in just 4 weeks!

In just 4 weeks, our Product Blueprint service combines collaborative design techniques, prototyping and customer research to rapidly explore a new product or service, shape and test it with your target market.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, please get in touch.

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