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Written on 21 June 2018 by Sara Da Silva

Based on 18 years of on-going customer research, and more than 1000 digital projects we have established a rapid evidence-based approach to creating and testing new digital propositions and products. With our ThinkFlow approach we transform ideas into interactive prototypes and test them with real customers in only four weeks.

Many companies explore new ways of launching innovative digital services that improve their customers’ experience.  One popular approach is to follow start-ups and create minimum viable products (MVPs).  Viable is good, but may not be good enough to win your customers hearts and minds. With ThinkFlow we also make sure that products are lovable.

The MVP approach promises companies to launch products and get feedback early. One of the mantras we often hear is ‘fail fast’.  However, MVPs still require significant investment in design, coding and deployment. Failing fast is good, but what if you could reduce the chances and cost of failure? What if you followed a scientific-based approach that helps you to eliminate many failures without an investment? Conducting over 65,000 hours of research has taught us a great deal about failing fast. Taking this research, we apply behavioural and engineering principles to create the optimal customer experience in much shorter timeframes.

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