Bringing Customers into the Forefront of Insurance

Written on 6 August 2018 by Sara Da Silva

It’s a time of great change – A time of redefining possibilities for insurance firms.

As cost pressures mount, insurance firms need to reduce or eliminate friction costs and inefficiencies within traditional value chains. But there are also far bigger changes afoot…. Technology and, in particular, data and analytics, have the power to drive entirely new products and operating models, taking insurance into a future where people – your customers – are at the centre of the ecosystem. As they should be.

Over the course of 17 years we have studied hundreds of insurance professionals, brokers and their customers across more than 20 countries, getting to grips with how they think and operate. We have helped established insurers drive efficiency and loyalty by simplifying complex workflows and systems across their business. We have also helped InsurTech start-ups and firms’ corporate innovation teams quickly break new ground with transformative solutions.

Here are three case studies that highlight some of the work we have done within the insurance industry:

(1) Helping a global insurance brokerage deliver a new global placement platform for its staff and business partners around the world

(2) Helping an InsurTech start-up create a painless, self-service experience for motor insurance claims. 

(3) Helping a leading UK insurer to become more responsive to customers, while unlocking the creative problem-solving abilities of its staff. 

For further information on Tobias & Tobias’ work within the insurance industry, click here.

You may be wondering, how can we help you?

Transforming ideas into winning insurance propositions in just four weeks!

Our Product Blueprint service uses a combination of collaborative design techniques, prototyping and customer research to rapidly explore a new product or service, shape and test it with your target market. All in just four focused and exciting weeks!

Learn how to boost adoption, engagement and satisfaction – rapidly!

Our digital audit is the best way to evaluate your business systems, websites, and applications. We measure performance against essential Design & Usability criteria, taking into account not only your business goals and technology constraints, but also the user experience. The results are clear and comprehensive; and the recommendations for improvement that we make are based on knowledge, not assumptions.

Innovate your business by introducing a new customer-centric ways of thinking and working!

Our Digital Change service is designed to evaluate your digital UX maturity, and help you to evolve a digital culture with new customer-centric business practices, leading to increased adaptability, productivity and speed to market.

Create human-centric products/services that your customers and internal teams will LOVE to use!

We are a world leader in the design of human-centric business applications for finance and insurance, delivering compelling customer experiences and driving business value for our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, please get in touch.

We shall see you all at the InsTech summer party!

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