About T&T

The relationship between people and technology has never been more important.

We combine deep understanding of human behaviour, scientific research and user-centred design techniques to create digital experiences that people love. For our clients this means genuine differentiation and increased satisfaction, loyalty and engagement.

Our approach

We’ve earned a reputation for solving complex challenges and delivering real business value.


Observe, shadow and work beside your customers, internal teams and partners to understand motivations and behaviours and uncover valuable new insights.


Explore, create, visualise and validate your digital experience, building on insights and balancing vision with pragmatism.


Refine, specify and test repeatedly to ensure an end product that is faithful to your business and the people who will work with it.

Services we offer

Research and insights gathering, in its many shapes and forms, are woven into our practice.

Understanding customers, their needs, expectations and behaviours, allows businesses to design and deploy products and services that are well-received and highly adopted. We build deep understanding of people, workflows and decision-making, using expert research, cognitive science, behavioural economics and ethnography to identify opportunities and risk. This lays the groundwork for innovative thinking and truly impactful products.

Some clients will use our expertise – and domain knowledge in areas such as banking, investment management and insurance – specifically for early-stage research and solution concepting. With others we work throughout the product delivery life-cycle, running iterative evaluative user testing at every stage or design sprint.

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We explore future scenarios, develop product concepts and bring ideas to life.

Building on research and insights, and using a range of ideation and collaborative techniques, we develop solution ideas and bring them to life as storyboards, visualisations and experience maps. Then we test these prototype products with the people who they are designed for, to ensure that we never lose focus on the outcomes.

Design is a creative process that operates within constraints. We partner with our clients’ business and technology teams to ensure operational alignment and feasibility of implementation. We design innovative solutions that work, providing quick return on investment.

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We provide a blueprint for our clients’ future products and platforms.

We design digital products, from complex business systems to pure-play online services, apps and software tools. Our team has deep understanding of how people interact with technology, and this is built into our designs.

We detail each interaction component in the form of build specifications and style guides, ensuring a human-centric, intuitive and contextually relevant experience. And we partner with development teams to guide implementation, often as part of a collaborative, lean, sprint-based design and build process.

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We help our clients develop new, creative ways to tackle challenges and opportunities.

Many of our clients are under pressure to transform, and quickly. This pressure can take many forms – competition and cost, increasing customer choice and high expectations of quality service, significant demands to comply with regulatory frameworks. Businesses need to move fast to create new products and services and new ways of engaging their customers. This is particularly hard for established corporates.

Because of our joint focus on people-led solutions and design-led thinking, we are uniquely placed to help such businesses. We provide workshops, training and on-the-job collaboration to help our clients develop new skills for approaching problems and creating genuine innovation in the way they work.

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Who we work with

We work with a broad range of businesses, from global corporations to start-ups. Our clients include many of the leading brands in banking and investment management.

  • Adaptive
  • BNP Paribas
  • BNY Mellon
  • Barclays Wealth
  • Beatrice Tate School
  • Capco
  • Capital Dynamics
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Domotz
  • DrinkAware
  • Fidelity International
  • FireDrake
  • First Group
  • FlexTrade
  • HSBC
  • JWG Group
  • Stay Private
  • T. Rowe Price
  • Willis Towers Watson


Our business was founded in 2001, with the aim of creating an agency that maintained human relationships at the centre of serious design. Fifteen years on, with technology driving such rapid changes in the world, we believe that putting people at the heart of technology has never been more important. We remain privately owned by our leadership team.

Chris founded Tobias & Tobias with his brother Simon, having followed a journey from professional musician to software developer to technology leader.

Chris loves solving problems for clients. He’s one of those rare people who can both inspire others and roll up his sleeves to deliver projects himself. Over the years he has led delivery of global programmes of work to many of our banking, capital markets and insurance clients, and has earned respect as a leading authority in the design of complex, high-impact financial systems.

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Ofer provides leadership, direction and vision to the company ensuring that we deliver exceptional services to our clients. Ofer’s background is psychology and cognitive ergonomics and his passion is to create smart new products and services that change people’s lives. He has led strategic consultancy engagements for over 100 public and private sector clients, including many of the world’s leading financial institutions.​

Ofer often publishes articles and speaks about user experience, design thinking and innovation in conferences around the world. He is an adviser and mentor to FinTech and InsureTech start-up companies.

Ofer is a keen stand-up paddle-boarder, surfer and multi-sports adventure racer.

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Chris joined the Tobias brothers early in the T&T journey, back in 2005. As commercial director he keeps our business in shape.

Chris’s background is in consultancy and technology leadership. He has led major global technology programmes, mostly for finance and insurance sector clients. He is passionate about creating a company that cares, one that brings together talented people and affords them the space and direction to achieve great things.

Away from work, Chris loves the great outdoors and is a committed surfer.

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